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Our Repair Work

AEOW takes pride in its repair works, and aims to satisfy the specific needs of each of its customers. Below are some examples of our previous repair works and projects.

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From Shell to Showcar.
In Memory of Cec Kelaher

The story behind this 1966 Mini 850 means a lot to me personally. It was originally the project of a good friend of mine named Cec Kelaher. Cec was 76 and I had previously sold him this same Mini shell. He had all the right ideas and designs in his plans for this Mini. I used to ring Cec regularly to see how he was progressing with the project. 

I last rang Cec in June 2010, and his daughter Julia answered the phone. When I asked to speak to Cec, she sadly told me that he had passed away the month before. It was sad and unexpected news for me, and I was stuck for words to say to Julia, with a big lump in my throat. 

As there was no one in Cec’s family interested in Minis, Julia asked me if I wanted to buy the Mini shell back off her. I agreed. I also promised Julia that I would restore it the way Cec intended it to be. 

Cec was a great man, and I wanted to keep the design as close as possible to what Cec had in his mind. One of the few things I did change was the colour. Cec originally wanted it to be Electric Blue, but both Julia and I fell in love with the Pearl Orange. 

Some of my other additions are the electric sunroof, the (EPS) Electric Power Steering, which helps to turn the 13x7 inch wheels, and the white leather interior. 

I have also had two stickers made to go on the back window. One of them says “CK Special” and the other sticker is a copy of Cec’s own signature which Julia found on his will. 

I am proud of the fact that I got to finish off Cec Kelaher’s dream Mini.


Hope you like it too Cec Ol’ Mate.



Are your headlights shining yellow and dim?
Here's a solution!

Many classic car owners complain about the headlights on their cars being dim. Some try to improve their lights by replacing their headlights or bulbs with H4 type, and sometimes even using higher wattage ones than standard. 


Most times this does not improve the intensity of the headlights, as the headlight circuit becomes overloaded. It actually causes more problems with overloading switches, resulting in low voltage arriving at the bulbs, and hence the yellow light. One great remedy is to wire HEADLIGHT RELAYS. 


This not only improves your car's headlight brightness, but also takes the load away from the switches, and therefore, the main lights and the dipper switches will last longer. 


At AEOW, we specialize in these types of electrical wiring improvements. So, before you go changing bulbs or headlights, consider giving me a call and we will see what we can improve with your classic's electrical system. 


I can also do these modifications discreetly so it doesn't affect the original look of your vehicle's wiring. 


Give AEOW a call to discuss what can be done.

engine bay_edited.jpg
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The above picture is of a Mini that was originally fitted with a generator.


The generator has since been upgraded to an alternator (yellow circle bottom) and uses AEOW's special bracket/spacer (product BKT-2) to mount the ignition coil above the alternator (just like it used to be with the original generator).


The voltage regulator box (yellow circle top left) has not been removed, but now discretely houses the headlight relays inside it.




The picture to the left is of a Mini LS, which AEOW tidied up the wiring on, fitted with a later Lucas 4 way fusebox and relays for Hi & Lo beams, horn and brake warning light. All tested. Fusible links were also fitted to protect the electrical system.

45D6 KIT(2).jpg
Lucas 25D4.jpg

Electronic Ignition Kits - 
A maintenance-free "Fit and Forget" option. 

AEOW offers easy-to-fit Electronic Ignition Kits that are even easier to fit than points. These kits are a must for any British Classic using Standard ignition systems.


These kits are maintenance free, and unlike points, which usually require periodical cleaning and adjusting, these electronic ignition kits are “fit and forget”.

Fusible Links

Older cars never had electrical safeguards. These days there are many options for protecting the electrical systems of cars. Fusible links are a very simple and effective safeguard to prevent wires burning out in the event of a short circuit (which can unfortunately occur often on classic cars, particularly cars with Lucas systems). AEOW fusible links can be installed discretely and will protect your electrical system.

fusible links.jpg
Sticker Joseph Lucas Prince of Darkness (70 mm Dia)_edited_edited.jpg
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